Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2/18/14 - push press & wfd

#1 @ 515a

Push press to 275x3, 295x1x5 all beltless
Strict press 225x3x5
Pull-ups 3x5

#2 @ 12p

56# wfd one turns & full, best 42
28# wfd, couple at 84
Working on a longer push on the sprint to get the weights moving faster. Not really going 100%, just working the longer push and timing. Really able to get the hwd moving but the hwd is movnig slow enough I can get back in front of it fast enough to hit the finish. When I do this with the lwd its moving so fast through the sprint I can't get back in front it it fast enough for the finish. If I can figure out this timing better I foresee even bigger lwd #s this season.

2/17/14 - speed squat/pull & hammer

#1 @ 440a

18" box speed squat 225x2x2, 275x2x2, 315x2x5
Speed pulls 315x1x4, 365x1x2, 405x1x4
RDLs 315x5, 335x3, 365x3

Once I got warmed up this was a great workout. Unfortunately that didn't happen until my 3rd set of pulls. Haha.

#2 @ 12p

16# hammer x lots
Re-worked my entry to more of a right side chop, this really smoothed out my winds. Also pushed my shoulders out trying to get the hammer ball as far away from me as possible. This let me get longer on my left side too. Still not able to put a lot of sass on it. Need to drill slow to fast again. Semi-productive hammer sesh. Looking forward to next weeks deload.

Monday, February 17, 2014

2/16/14 - bench

#1 @ 7p

Flat bb bench to 275x5, 295x5, 315x5, add slingshot 315x5, 335x5, 355x5, remove slingshot 255x5x3

Done and done. Sup bro.

2/15/14 - Saturday practice

Date night with the Mrs tonight and we have plans tomorrow so changed weekend practce to Sat instead of Sun.

#1 @ 645a

15.5# stone x stand & spin
56# & 28# wfd
16# hammer

A bit more tired than I thought I would be. Numbers were about on par with the usual. Hammer feeling weird lately. Last few practices have been frustrating. Need to take a look back and see what's going on.

2/13/14 - squat + stone/wob

#1 @ 5a

Front squat/squat warmup to 405x1 each
Front squat 425x1x4, 425x3
Squat 455x2x3
GMs 225x5x4

#2 @ 12p
15.5# stone
*stand non reverse x4
*stand w/reverse x3, best 47
*south african x6-8
*full spin x18ish, best high 54s...
that 55 is just FFFFFing with me, ugh. Also I feel like the south african is useless. A middle drill to focus on turning the right foot really helps, but the sprint on a south african vs the sprint on a full spin feels much different to me. Going to drop the south africans. Feeling my right foot turning and the ground under it. Able to finally be patient and turn my right into my left for a hard block. Another positive stone session.
#3 @ 545p
56# wob @ 16'4 x6/10
Made a change in my tech a little. Shifted my weight forward some so that the low point on the pendulum on its way behind me was at or just a little behind my toes. Relaxed and made sure the weight came back up on its pendulum behind me then as soon as it dropped I pulled like hell. Shifting my weight forward was a game changer. I may have subconsciously been doing this last year but I can't remember. Pull felt much much stronger as well as much longer. WOB coming back just in time.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2/11/14 - strict press & wfd

#1 @ 430a

Strict press to 275x1, miss @ 285, 225x5x3, 235x3
Speed bench 135x3x5, 155x3x3
Pullups 3x5
Band pushdowns 3x20

275 felt pretty good. Def fatigued as last week it would've flown up. Not a bad little sesh though.

#2 @ 1230p

56# wfd
*1 turn x6
*full x7-8

28# wfd x7-8

Distances sub par here but positions felt money. Really feeling that push around and forward on the sprint and carrying that over into the finish. Need to work on getting the finish faster than the sprint but overall it's feeling good.

2/10/14 - speed pull/squat & hammer

#1 @ 430a

Speed pulls 315x1x5, 365x1x3
18" box speed squat 225x2, 275x2, 315x2x6
speed GMs 135x10x3

Didn't feel like jumping. Tired from long throw sesh yesterday.

#2 @ 12p

16# hammer x lots..

These went nowhere. Positions felt solid, focused on push from left to right with my left hand and push from right to left in front of me with my right hand. Everything felt good, just no sass behind any of it.